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About Us

Our Story

The nucleus of E.A.A. Chapter 124 started its growth in the early sixties when a few enthusiasts who were aware of the Experimental Aircraft Association got together and probed the possibilities of forming their own Chapter. This became a reality when in 1962 the group was awarded a Charter as Chapter 124, and it has been moving onward and upward ever since.

Mike Murphy’s Cougar was the first homebuilt to fly in 1962, followed by Rex Cantrel’s Pitts Special a few years later, and Bob Boehm’s Starduster Too shortly thereafter. Since then, Chapter 124 has fledged a whole bevy of homebuilts, including a couple of Oshkosh Grand Champions and a Reno Racer that is almost a homebuilt.

In April of 1972, Chapter 124 was able to obtain a long-term lease of some land at the Sonoma County Airport on which the Chapter financed and built its own hangars and tie-downs. The first structure to be erected was Lloyd Hamilton’s hangar. Lloyd agreed that if members would supply the labor to construct it, he would purchase a hangar and have a well drilled. A year later the need for an on-site guard and security became necessary due to airplanes being vandalized. Once again, members joined together and with the help of Art Beer and his construction equipment, set up what we now know as our Facilities Chairman’s house. Chapter 124 is also home to our latest addition… the CAFE Test Facility for the purpose of testing general aviation aircraft for performance and efficiency. Construction was completed in April of 1993 and dedicated on Aviation Day, May 8, 1993.

Our Chapter plays host to many activities during the year, such as our Annual Dinner / Dance, a barbeque, flyouts, and any other reason our members can think to get together and have a good time.

We are driven by values

All of our members have equal status, and all are encouraged to participate in our Chapter’s functions. You need not own an airplane, and you don’t even need to be a pilot. All you need is a love for airplanes, and if you have that, you will be among friends!

Come aboard and share some of the fun. Visit our Membership page to find out about becoming a member of Chapter 124!

We are

A community of passionate aviation enthusiasts that promotes and supports recreational flying


To growing participation in aviation by promoting the “Spirit of Aviation”.

Core values

All of our members have equal status, and all are encouraged to participate in our Chapter’s functions

Dominic Antonio Cerniglio


John Whitehouse


David Franco - Secretary

Dave Franco


Chapter Roles


  • President: Dominic Antonio Cerniglio
  • Vice President: Marlon Young
  • Secretary: Dave Franco
  • Treasurer: John Whitehouse


  • Mike Cingari (24/25)
  • George Marshall (23/24)
  • John Swanstrom (24/25)
  • John Fluno (23/24)
  • Jeremiah James (24/25)


Young Eagles: Josh Hochberg Membership: Dave Franco Newsletter Editor: Stuart Deal Webmaster: John Palmerlee


Chairman: Larry Rengstorf


  • Dwayne Green
  • Mike Fenn
  • Mike Tovani
  • Terry Freitas

Technical Counselors

  • Bob Gutteridge
  • David Heal Jerry
  • Rice Kevin Quirk
  • Doug Dugger
  • Rolf Unternaehrer

Flight Advisers

  • CJ Stephens
  • David Heal

Past Presidents

Dan Steinhoff2022-2023
Marlon Young2019-2021
Any Werback2017-2018
Jim Boyer2015-2016
Wayne Cook2011-2014
Jim DuVander2009-2010
Joe Lacchia2007-2008
Bob Gutteridge2000-2006
Joe Wiegand2003-2004
Dale Wittman2001-2002
Michael Tovani 1999-2000
Bill Massey1997-1998
Ed Bergreen 1995-1996
Bill Massey 1993-1994
Bill Badstubner 1991-1992
Denny Parmer 1989-1990
Bud Waldo 1987-1988
Ken McDermott 1985-1986
Don Prestin 1983-1984
Larry Ford 1981-1982
Gail Rathbun1979-1980
Erik Peterson 1978
Ray Foreaker1976-1977
Art Beer1974-1975
Bill Cannam1972-1973
James Carter1970-1971
Sam Wertz 1969
Rex Cantrell 1968
Charles Gabbert1966-1967
Bob Boehm 1965
Del West 1964
James Shelton1962-1963