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Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023 — Program at 7:00 pm

Dinner Time — 6:15 pm
Dinner Menu

BBQ Tri-Tip, Corn of the cobb, Super Salad with garlic sourdough. Fiddle Faddle for dessert! $10

Evening Program

EAA 124 will continue in-person meetings on-site under the current Covid 19 rules and common sense.


Kevin Quirk: Please join us for our September Chapter meeting to welcome board member Kevin Quirk for an evening presentation on the Pacific Coast Air Museum (P.C.A.M.)

Located at our home airport here in Santa Rosa- the museum has been in operation since 1989- over 30 years! Besides his time spent with us at the EAA, Kevin is an active member with P.C.A.M. and involved in many aspects of this very special organization. Kevin will walks us through the myriad of events and services the museum provides to it’s members and the general public, and give us an overview of the museum’s history and it’s extensive aircraft collection. It should shape up to be a very exciting evening. We look forward to seeing you here.

Board Meeting

* Pre-arranged time at the hangar before dinner *

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Previous Years (Zips)


EAA 124 Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, September 6 – Dinner at 6:00 pm – In Person at HQ

First Flight

January 1st, 2023 – Sunday – first flight of the new year


Young Eagles

Girls in Aviation – Young Eagles Flights, Fly-In, and EAA Chapter 124 Open House – September 24th

Special Thanks to the Sonoma County Airport, North Coast Aviation, Sonoma Jet Center, and the Pacific Coast Air Museum for their essential support in making this event a huge success.

Cafe Blog

Cutting edge Aviation News by Dean Sigler.


Santa Rosa Weather
Santa Rosa
5:13 pm, September 22, 2023
light rain
Sunrise: 13:44
Sunset: 01:51

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