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Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 — Program at 7:00 pm

Dinner Time — 6:15 pm
Dinner Menu

July dinner is Hamburgers and hot dogs with lots of fixings. Baked Beans and Cole Slaw. Ice cream and cookies for dessert. $10

Evening Program

EAA 124 will continue in-person meetings on-site under the current Covid 19 rules and common sense.


Please join us at our July meeting to welcome EAA 124’s own Dr. Elaine Gee! Elaine will present on her experiences going through the factory assisted build process with Cub Crafters in Yakima, Washington.
Elaine is not new to aircraft building or aviation. She and her partner Fred previously built a beautiful Lancair Legacy hangered here at KSTS which they fly often. Her new kit she is currently building is an NX Cub, a tricycle geared backcountry aircraft being constructed of Composites, Aluminum, and Carbon Fibre!
Come listen to Elaine’s story of why she chose this plane, the myriad of decisions that comprise her finished airframe, what it’s like to participate in a Factory Assisted experimental aircraft build, and her journey as a woman and aviator embarking on this monumental task. It’s sure to be a great talk!
Added Bonus! EAA 124 Chapter member Bill Conklin, a friend of Elaine’s, just happens to have a newly finished Carbon Cub that he flies out of Healdsburg and has agreed to bring it down to the EAA hangar for the July meeting for members and guests to check out!

See you there!

Board Meeting

* Pre-arranged time at the hangar before dinner *

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EAA 124 Chapter Meeting

First Wednesday of Each Month – Dinner at 6:00 pm – In Person at HQ

First Flight

January 1st, – Sunday – first flight of the new year



Young Eagles

Girls in Aviation – Young Eagles Flights, Fly-In, and EAA Chapter 124 Open House – September 24th

Special Thanks to the Sonoma County Airport, North Coast Aviation, Sonoma Jet Center, and the Pacific Coast Air Museum for their essential support in making this event a huge success.

Cafe Blog

Cutting edge Aviation News by Dean Sigler.


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